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AEG Power Solutions, a provider of power electronics systems, says it has recently secured several orders for its storage converter product, Protect.SC, for use in large battery-based energy-storage systems.

AEG PS is supplying its Protect.SC storage converter to Vanadis Power for one of the biggest battery energy storage systems in northern Germany. The storage converter has a rated power of 500 kVA and is used for storing locally generated wind power. Vanadis Power supplied the vanadium-redox-flow batteries, which have a capacity of more than 1 MWh and can, theoretically, provide energy for about 100 single-family homes for a whole day.

In other European projects, the storage converter is being used for peak load shaving. A SC.LMU unit is paired with a MoniStore battery management system that provides power discharge within a given time frame when the load demand in the substation is exceeding a certain threshold. The system is also managing the battery loading when the load demand is lower.

Additional orders have been booked with partners in Europe and the U.S., AEG PS says.

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