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The City of Naperville, Ill., is rolling out a free, three-month smart meter pilot program two years behind schedule following a vote by the city council.

Naperville originally contracted with Washington-based energy data management solutions company Calico Energy Services to develop ePortals to help residents and businesses monitor electricity usage. However, earlier this year, the city sued Calico, citing breach of contract.

Canadian energy efficiency solutions provider Lowfoot has now come to terms with Naperville to conduct an ePortal trial at no cost to the city, according to an article by the Chicago Tribune. The ePortals are among the promised features of a deployment that saw smart meters installed on 57,000 homes and businesses.

The pilot program will involve 100 electricity customers and include councilmen, city employees and volunteers. In addition, a lottery will be held for general public participation.

Read the full Chicago Tribune article here.

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